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Behind the Lense


I’m a wife and a mom first. Wife to my amazing husband who is an Ironman. And mom to daughter Payton, son Boston and baby boy Miles. They keep me busy and excited to capture life with pictures. I’m a “runner” (sort of), love diet coke, chocolate, popcorn, owls, white kitchens, and painting walls. Oh and I waste too much time on pinterest.

My Viewpoint and Product-

What you  see on the blog and website is what you’ll get. I want to make sure my images make you smile. I like to keep it classic, fun and easy. Pictures shouldn’t be like pulling teeth so my shoots are casual, fun and if you have young kids goofy.  I like using pictures to express who my clients/friends are. The most common response I hear about my pictures is “I love the color!” Amen! Don’t get me wrong, I love Black and White too, it has its place but give me color any day. Doesn’t it just make you happy?

Also, because I’m a mom I know that pictures hold so much meaning. So with each photoshoot  with me you’ll have the disc of all the edited pictures taken with a copyright release. Respect the product and work and have fun keeping the images for yourself. To me its how I would want it, so that is what I offer.

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